New Patient Evaluation

  • New Patient Evaluation includes: History, Evaluation, Range of motion, Functional Assessment of the complaint area(s).

  • After evaluation doctor will discuss treatment protocol and scheduling to best assist your condition in an effective timely manner.

  • While treatment may not be a standard session, my goal is to help provide some relief within this session.

    45 minutes $130

Please Download NEW PATIENT FORMS below and bring to your appointment:

  1. New Client Intake Form
  2. Consent to Treatment
  3. HIPPA Notice


Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • * To be scheduled after Initial Patient Evaluation*
  • 30 minute session = $70
  • 45 minute session = $105
  • 55 minute session = $130

Sessions are time based and dependent on the clients problem areas/issues.  All sessions include Chiropractic Care.

Packages* of 3 or more available for 10% off**.

  • *Packages expire within 60 days of purchase and can be transferable to family or friends who are established clients only, new clients not included.
  • **cannot be combined with check-in offers, military service, or any advertised special/promotion.

LifeStretch  - $45 approx 30 mins

 A mobility-stretch class that is designed to help you become more flexible in body, mind and spirit so that you feel not only more functionally mobile, but also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of life.

LifeStretch starts in standing and proceeds with movements that are an assessment of how the self feels with movements that should be easy, free and fluid. Movements are progressed and smoothly transitioned to the floor on a mat for a variety of flowing and constantly moving pain-free mobilizations and stretches.

Personal Training - Fitness Coaching

  • Single Sessions One-One $75

Training session packages available and Contest Prep Packages Available.

  • Pkg - 8 Sessions per month - 55 minutes - 2 times per week. = $575*
  • Pkg - 12 Sessions per month - 55 minutes - 3 times per week = $780*

Training: Includes Weight Lifting, Plyometrics, TRX, RipTrainer, Kettle Bells, Cross Training, and Cardiovascular HIIT protocols.

Locked In Training Days & Time Reservations.

*sessions do not roll over; vacation/leave suspension options available. 

Chiropractic Manipulation is included in all FST Sessions