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How to Get Healthy Without the Hassle


Staying healthy when you are busy can seem like a struggle, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Taking care of your physical and mental health keeps you in prime shape to achieve your overall wellness goals. Good health can even help you tackle other areas of your life. Use these easy health and fitness tips to keep yourself in shape without adding a lot of stress.


Keep Toxins Out of Your Home


When you are out in public, you may take precautions to protect yourself from pollutants, allergens, and toxins. However, what you may not realize is that there are toxins hiding at home. Home pollutants can be present in fumes from paint, smoke, and even dust. To get these toxins out of your home, start by adding an air purifier to your home. An air purifier may not remove all of the pollutants in your house, but they do make a major difference in the quality of the air you are breathing every day. You can also try adding some houseplants, using low-VOC paints, and committing to better cleaning products.


Make Regular Workouts a Habit


It’s a commonly known fact that you need to work out to stay healthy. What you may not know, however, are the exact effects exercise can have on your body and brain. Aside from shrinking your fat cells and helping your body process energy, staying active can also improve your mood and help boost cognitive function. You may also see improvements in your skin and your ability to fight off illness. You can stay active with basic exercise, like brisk walks or regular bike rides. But if you really want to get in shape, you may want to consider hiring a personal trainer. An experienced trainer or fitness coach can map out a workout plan to get you to your goals faster and provide the push many beginners need to stick to their new exercise plan.


Sustain Your Body with Proper Hydration


Our bodies are made of water, yet many people forget the benefits of staying hydrated. Drinking more water can help you lose more weight and make your workouts more effective. You can also curb a variety of health issues by staying hydrated, including kidney stones. But how much water is enough for you? You can use this hydration calculator to determine what your body needs, but keep in mind that your hydration factors can fluctuate if you are more active or in a different climate. If you’re planning an intense workout or are out on an especially sunny day, you may need more water. Always keep a filled water bottle around, and be sure to drink from it often. Try setting an alarm to help you remember to quench your thirst throughout the day.


Allow Yourself to Recharge and Rest


The habit that has the most influence on your mental and physical health is one that many Americans skip too often: getting enough sleep. Trying to function when you are sleep-deprived is a lot like trying to function when you are intoxicated. Sometimes, the effects can be even worse, as you’ll have a harder time focusing and your emotions tend to be more raw. A lack of sleep can even make it harder to maintain a healthy weight. If you want to get a better night’s sleep without taking a pill, you should set up a habitual sleep schedule, work on creating a relaxing nighttime routine, and avoid electronics before bed.


When you have a busy schedule, it’s too easy to put your health and fitness goals on the back burner. But if you want to succeed in any other area of your life, your health really does need to come first. So, use these simple head-to-toe habits to make yourself a priority again.


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Jennifer McGregor

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Why you need Fascial Stretch Therapy!

When you think about the idea of stretching your body, you probably think: back, hamstrings, or IT band. But there are many other body parts that benefit from a good stretch besides those tight muscles. One of the newest methods of targeted stretching focuses on something you may have never even heard of before: FASCIA

Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves—pretty much everything. Fascia stretching provides you with a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that no other regular massage could ever do. A technique called fascial stretch therapy was developed at Stretch To Win Institute in Tempe, AZ, by Ann Frederick, the first "flexibility specialist" to work with athletes at the Olympics.

While many regular weekend warriors frequent tough workouts daily and weekly, this technique helps provide recovery while improving overall motion to the body.

It works by moving the joint along with the surrounding tissues to help the fascia and muscles relax at the same time. While lying on a basic massage table fitted with neoprene straps to help stabilize and support on side of the body while working on the other. Clients typically wear gym clothes to move freely and unrestricted.


  1. FST can release chemicals, known as endorphins that act as a natural pain suppressant.
  2. FST can optimize the learning, practice and performance of many types of skilled movements.
  3. FST can promote development of body awareness.
  4. FST can increase balance and symmetry of the body.
  5. FST can reduce the risk of injury, especially sprains and strains.
  6. FST can reduce or eliminate back problems and pain.
  7. FST can reduce muscular soreness
  8. FST can reduce muscular tension.
  9. FST can improve posture & muscle function allowing you to move your body more freely.
  10. Less Muscle Pain allows you to finally enjoy a life of quality
  11. Restoration of normal joint space is Anti-Aging at its best – youthful movement without Pain!

Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions can be from 30-60 minutes depending on what the client needs. When clients stand up they generally report a relaxed feeling and almost like floating. One session is beneficial, but is not enough to reap all the benefits and most clients transition to a maintenance phase, similar to monthly massages

The Fascia can be effected in many ways, overuse, dehydration, stress, injuries and surgeries just to name a few. 

Contact me today to schedule your Fascial Stretch Therapy Session for your aches and pains and to improve your overall motion and mobility. Stretch Sessions are available for all ages because we are all made of fascia!