Here is a brief recap working with ballet dancer Ciera that presented with low back pain of 3 months.


Ciera is an 18-year-old dancer who specializes in Ballet dance performance. She began experiencing low back pain the end of March 2017 and it continued to progress in pain with all motion during dance movements and general range of motion, as well, as activities of daily living, She rated her pain sharp, constant 8/10.

Ciera underwent consultation with an orthopedic doctor in mid-April who recommended X-Rays and MRI of lumbar spine, all which came back negative for fractures, dislocations, or disc issues. She was diagnosed with Facet Syndrome of the Lumbar Spine, placed in a very rigid brace from mid-thoracic region down to the lumbar spine, more like a hard corset, instructed to wear it for 6 weeks & 20 hours per day and stop all dancing with complete rest. She followed all instructions for the 6 weeks and returned to the Orthopedic doctor where she reported 7/10 pain, constant sharp with basically no change. Orthopedic doctor recommended Lumbar Injections at this time.


Initial examination revealed pain upon palpation to the thoracic and lumbar paraspinal’s, QL’s and multifidus. She also reported pain with palpation to the bilateral glutes, iliopsoas, hamstrings, adductors, and rectus femoris.

Range of motion was only measured in photo’s with active motion. She rated her pain constant sharp 7/10 with or without motion, no change during morning, afternoon, or night.

Utilizing FST SCAN on her thoracic and lumbar areas, I had her go through ballet dance movements that were causing her the greatest pain, which were Arabesque and Cambre’, as seen in the initial photo’s. The SCAN provided a positive response in the tissue with an approximate gain of 10-15 °,  there were Chiropractic restrictions to the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum and Pelvis.

Pictures were taken in dancer foot positions of Parallel and Turn-Out for assessment but I have only posted Turn-Out for this study.

Ciera was seen a total of 19 sessions over 40 days, which included various lengths of treatment sessions from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


My overall focus was to use FST, Chiropractic, a precussor, and home exercises during this study.

It took approximately 7 sessions to see a significant change in her overall range of motion, however, her pain level had decreased to a constant 5/10. It then took another 3-4 sessions to see a decrease in her pain.

I consulted with Chris Frederick due to his dancer background and knowledge of working with dancers when I felt I was not progressing or not seeing a tissue change and was able to find other layers of restrictions as well as improper neuromuscular patterns and muscle engagements. I provided several homework exercises over the course of treatment such as T’s, I’s, Y’s for thoracic spine, shoulder help, Glute/Hip Thrusts with a resistance band.

By the last week (3-4 days of treatment) she had reported her pain levels minimal, tight, 0.5-1/10 intermittently and her dance range of motion was back to her range before back pain started. She also stated she was dancing 100% effort without discomfort.

I was an extremely great honor and learning experience to work with Ciera and utilizing FST and Chiropractic care. I did incorporate 3 sessions of active release therapy on sessions 13, 15, and 17 to the hip flexor/adductor region on the left leg only.  

Any questions in regards to this please post and I will answer so we call can benefit from this. It’s truly amazing how the power of FST can change people’s lives!